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IntelliCAD: Sub-Categories
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1077Crashes in open and save dialogs
1074Carlson+IntelliCAD crashes caused by 3rd party software
602FONTMAP, FONTALT, and IntelliCAD Substitution of AutoCAD SHX Font/Shape Files
607Printing to a File in IntelliCAD
667Default Lineweight Setting in Intellicad Too Faint
691Converting LDD/AECC Proxy contours
721System Requirements w/ Acad or Icad
1103Some commands are lost
1075Lost keyboard shortcuts in Carlson 2017 + IntelliCAD
865Troubleshooting graphics performance in IntelliCAD 7.2
902Entity Properties Command Will Not Run in Windows 8, or 8.1, in IntelliCAD
906Invisible Cursor/ No Crosshairs
1085Troubleshooting Hangups and Freezes
911Redefining a Block Already in a Drawing
1122Entity snapping does not snap to some entities
1123Changing graphics card settings to use your dedicated GPU on a Windows computer
966Crashes in Carlson2015+IntellICAD8.0
968UI customization in Carlson2016+IntelliCAD8.1
992Carlson2016+IntelliCAD8.1 and video cards
1051Create Toolbar in IntelliCAD
1064Switch text editor to dialog based or in-place
1166Printer-specific issues
1145How to Disable Notification about Old Video Drivers
1082Raster images issues
1095Mouse wheel does not work
1102Auto-select all text in MTEXT on start editing
1108Slow entities creation and modification on Windows 10
1109PAN with Ctrl+Shift+Right mouse drag
1131NVidia video card: visual artifacts, pixelized lines, wrong text display
1135Set DWG files association to Carlson 2018
1155Hangup (freeze) during command typing
1158Create a custom field
1170Truetype font (TTF) installed in Windows 10 is rendered incorrectly
1188Auto-Loading and Running LISP
1192Changing default workspaces (Solution for lost customizations)
1217Windows 10 graphics issues (Cannot start or initialization issues)