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Title: Troubleshooting Hangups and Freezes
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If you experience hangup or freeze please do following to find the root cause.
Type in Carlson application: ICADWATCHDOGTIMEOUT, Enter, 120, Enter, QAFLAGS, Enter, 16384, Enter
Next time when Carlson+IntellICAD locks up - wait for 2 minutes, it should display Error Report dialog. Please put your name and email there, send the report, and send a notification mail to If Error Report dialog does not come try to  press Ctrl+Shift+F12.

In hard-locking case if nothing mentioned above helps please do following.
Please download
You will need to extract the tool and from command prompt (Start->Run->cmd, click ok), run 'procdump icad.exe' when you get that software lock-up.

1) In Windows : Start-> type CMD in "Search programs.." and hit enter
2) By default you're in your user folder (C:Users or something like that). Just copy procdump.exe to the same folder
3) Start Carlson+ICAD, open the drawing to get lock-up
4) When Carlson+ICAD is locked - go to your CMD window, type:
procdump icad.exe
And press enter
5)  This will generate a rather large .dmp file (20MB or even more) in the same folder - send this file please using Dropbox (or any other Cloud Drive you use) to

[!] Another way (probably easier) to create a dump is to use Task Manager:
1) Right-click Task Bar and select "Task Manager" from the menu
2) In Task Manager dialog find Carlson application
3) Right-click it and select "Create dump"
4) Wait, it will take some time
5) It will show you a message with a path to the create *.dmp file in a temp folder
The file could be huge, so it is impossible to send it by email. Please share it with a cloud service like Dropbox.