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Title: Carlson2016+IntelliCAD8.1 and video cards
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The same as for IntelliCAD8.0, NVidia Quadro video drivers have some problems with IntelliCAD8.1.
It is not 100% rule, in many cases it could be ok, but a lot of Quadro users reported about problems.
So, there are some notes about how to avoid issues:

1) Recommended video cards for working with IntelliCAD, with decreasing preference:
 - NVidia GeForce series
 - ATI/AMD (working on 4+ monitors is not recommended with ATI/AMD)
 - NVidia Quadro (it could be worked around)
 - integrated (Intel/ATI) - usually they have bad performance

2) For customers with NVidia Quadro, there are two major recommendation:

 2.1) Update video driver to latest possible:

  Select Quadro as Product Type.
  Select corresponding Series, Product and Opertaing system.
  Download Type -  Quadro ODE Graphics Driver.
  ->Search, ->Download.
  Run downloaded driver installer and restart PC after completion.

 2.2) For those who has performance issues with NVidia Quadro cards, NVidia techsupport recommends following:
    In NVidia Control Panel, go to Performance management mode.
    - turn off the triple buffering
    - turn on the threaded optimization
    - turn off the vertical sync

3) Recommended video RAM amount:
 4+ GB if you plan to work with large raster images (such as aerial ortho images) or 1-2 GB otherwise.