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Title: Slow entities creation and modification on Windows 10
Created: 0000-00-00Last modified: 0000-00-00
After IntelliCAD users started updating to the latest Windows Update KB4013429, and its follow up Emergency Update KB4015438 and KB4016635, some users experienced a severe performance degradation when using IntelliCAD x64 (versions 7.2-8.3a) with some older Intel HD Graphics Devices (4000 or older). Although this issue can be resolved by uninstalling the Windows Updates, this is not practical, especially for users who have automatic updates on.
Ways to fix this (choose one of them):
  • Carlson 2017+ users just need to update to the most recent version of software.
  • Switch to another video card if any (see this guide)
  • Turn off hardware acceleration: type HWACCELERATION, Enter, 0, Enter