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Title: Procedure For Adding License Files To An Existing License Management Pool
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In order to add a network seat, you will need to submit a request for an additional license file.  This request will need to be submitted in the same fashion as your original license request.

1	Locate the Carlson LMTools folder, found on your server.  
This was placed on your server during the original network license manager setup.  It was recommended that you save the folder in a location on your computer that was both easy to find and easy to remember, as you would need the files in the future for license management purposes.

2	Open the LMTools folder and run the regclient.exe to request your license files.  Please enter the number of seats, per module, that you will be adding to the server in the Additional Information field.  You will receive a reply (to the e-mail address specified in your request) containing your license file.

3	Save the .txt license file (from your reply e-mail) into the LMTools folder.

4	Run the WLMAdmin.exe file, also found in the LMTools folder, to point the license manager to the new license file.

a.	In WLMAdmin, please click on the plus (+) beside Subnet Servers to expand the list of servers.
b.	Right-click on the subnet server which you intend to use for the license manager.
c.	Select ADD A FEATURE.  Then, FROM A FILE.  Lastly, select TO A SERVER AND IT'S FILE.

d.	A Windows browser window will open, within the LMTools folder, to allow you to select the license file that you received in your e-mail.

5	You will be presented with a message from the license manager, stating that the license files were added to the manager.

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