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Title: Setting Up License Server and Requesting A Network License
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Category: Network Licenses and Software / Network Installation and Implementation
Modified: 2024-03-04 Created: 2002-10-02


All Carlson products 2010 and later will be using the newer Sentinel Server 9.8.0 version of the License Manager software, and may require upgrading the server and the tools you use. The server is backwards compatible, so you can keep running older versions of our software on the newer License Manager software.

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For a FIRST TIME INSTALLATION of the license manager, please skip past the following instructions to the Installation Procedure below.

EXISTING CARLSON NETWORK USERS: Unless you are adding more licenses, or moving the license manager to a new server, it is unnecessary to update your license files. Carlson license files from the years 2007 forward are compatible with the latest networked Carlson software. Our current version of the Sentinel License Manager is 9.8.0. If your server is already running this version of the license manager, no further action is required on the server side.

  • Make sure that you have the license files from your previous installation on hand to reload them into the new License Manager
  • If you are currently running network licenses of our software and would like to request and install additional licenses, you will need to run the "regclient.exe" found in the 9_5_0221 LMTools to submit the request.
  • If you are simply adding additional seats [nodes] of a module to an existing license manager, then you will need to submit the request with the existing serial number. Please make sure to select "Additional, Same Server" as the type of request and inform us that you are adding seats to an existing serial number in the "Additional Information" field.

Please continue the update of your license manager by following the installation procedure below.

Network License Manager Installation Procedure

  1. Download the Sentinel Server.exe from the link below and install it to the server:
    Sentinel Server 9.8.0
  2. Download the Carlson from the link below to the server and extract the files to a location on that machine which is both easy to find and easy to remember. You will need these files in the future for license management purposes:
    Carlson LMTools
  3. Open the LMTools folder and run the regclient.exe to request license files for your new license manager. You will receive a reply (to the e-mail address specified in your request) containing your license file.

    Note: If you receive a "Side By Side" error when running the REGCLIENT.EXE, it is due to a missing Microsoft redistributable file. Please see Knowledge Base article 1189.

  4. Save the .txt license file (from your reply e-mail) into the LMTools folder.
  5. Run the WLMAdmin.exe file, also found in the LMTools folder, to point the license manager to the new license file.
    1. On the left-hand side of WLMAdmin you will see Subnet Servers with a plus (+) beside it. Please click on the plus beside Subnet Servers to expand the list of servers.
    2. Right-click on the subnet server which you intend to use for the license manager.
    4. A Windows browser window will open within the LMTools folder to allow you to select the license file that you received in your e-mail.
  6. If you are existing user of Carlson and you are upgrading to a later version of Carlson Software (2010 and beyond) You do not need to request new license files... the network license files for older versions will work with your upgraded serial numbers and software. Load the old license files onto the new server using the "WlmAdmin.exe" provided with the 9_5_0221 version of LMTools.

Requesting a License File

In order to REQUEST A LICENSE FILE, please follow these steps:

  1. Download LMTools and extract it into a folder of your choice.
  2. One of the files found in the is regclient.exe. Execute this program on the SERVER computer.

    NOTE: If you receive a "Side By Side" error when running the REGCLIENT.EXE, it is due to a missing Microsoft redistributable file. Please see Knowledge Base article 1189.

    1. Please fill out the ENTIRE form and provide real contact information as we will use it to contact you and provide you with your license.
    2. Make sure to use the Carlson network serial number provided to you for the product being licensed.
    3. Make sure to select an appropriate reason for the request.
    4. In the note field include sufficient information about what has lead to the problem. Provide any additional information you may have in this field (i.e. the number of seats (nodes) requested for each module).
    5. Click on Submit to transmit the request directly to the Carlson server when you are finished. Make sure that any local firewall (if present) allows the connection through. In case of transmission failure, you will be given alternative submission instructions.

Installing the License File

When you receive your license file, perform the following:

  1. Run the WlmAdmin.exe found in the LMTools folder.
  2. Click "+" before Subnet Servers, to expand the list.
  3. Highlight your server name on the list.

    NOTE: If the server is not on the list please verify the following:

    • Sentinel Server is installed
    • SentinelLM service is running (Control Panel ->Administrative Tools ->Services)
    • The computer running the WlmAdmin.exe is on same computer or at least on same subnet as license server
    • The license server does not have a local software firewall or modify the firewall rules to let licensing traffic through (see Knowledgebase Article 269 for more info)
  4. Right Click on the Server name and select Add Feature ->From a File -> To Server AND It's File
  5. Browse to select the license file which has been emailed to you.

    NOTE: If the license has been rejected:

    • Make sure original license request (regclient.exe) was originated from the SERVER computer.
    • This license was not yet added (multiple additions of the same file generate errors).
    • The Server name and IP address showing for the server (within WlmAdmin.exe) are correct
  6. You can now verify licenses available by clicking "+" in front of the server name

Install the Software Being Licensed

Now, install the software being licensed on the workstations by using the serial number provided to you with the installation package. All workstations on the network will share the same serial number.

NOTE: Automatic server discovery only works if the workstations and server are located within the same subnet. In other instances an environment variable needs to be set on the workstation through the following procedure:

  1. Go to Control Panel/System/Advanced/Environment Variables
  2. Under System Variables, click on "New"
  3. Set the "Variable name" to LSFORCEHOST, and the "Variable value" to the name or IP address of the server (SafeNet's IT Support recommends using the license server IP address)
  4. Click OK all the way out.

NOTE: If you intend to use commuter licenses, please refer to Knowledgebase Article 507 for additional steps to be performed on the workstation by administrator.

Verify that the licensing works on the client machine. Please note that license is not when the program starts, but after the first or second consecutive command.


If you receive a "Side By Side" error when running the REGCLIENT.EXE, please see Knowledge Base article 1189

For further troubleshooting, please refer to Knowledgebase Article 211. The Complete Administrator's Guide has been included in the Carlson LMTools file.




Network License Manager Installation and License Request Procedure.pdf
Carlson_LMTools_8_2_3_Update (For Older Versions).zip
Carlson LMTools
Carlson LMTools 8_6_2 (For Older Versions).zip