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Title: Error 18: Unable To Obtain A Proper License for Current Module - For Windows Vista Through 10
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If you are unable to see any servers on the subnet you will need to specify the license server by setting an environment variable pointing to server's name or IP address (Rainbow recommends the IP address):

On Windows Vista, 7, 8, and 10

  1. Open the Control Panel. Then, change your View by option to Large icons:
  2. Click on the icon for System:
  3. Then, select the Advanced system settings option in the left- hand column of the page:
  4. The last action performed will open a System Properties window. Click on the Environment Variables button, at the bottom of the Advanced tab.
  5. From within the Environment Variables window, please select the New button, under System Variables, and use:

    LSFORCEHOST for the Variable name, and, servername or the server IP address for the Variable value.

  6. Click OK to save the variable.
  7. NOTE: To verify that the Environment Variable has been properly set; open a DOS shell and type SET, followed by Enter. You should see a line something like:

    SET LSFORCEHOST=SERVERNAME, where SERVERNAME is the server name or IP address specific for your setup:

If setting an Environment Variable has not resolved the problem, this may be a result of problems in name resolution. Name resolution is important for accessing the server holding the license files from the workstations. Please refer to Knowledgebase Article 756 for further information.
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