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Title: Unable To Obtain A Proper License for Current Module - Windows XP Workstation
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If you have checked out a license file, but are unable to access the file on your workstation, you will need to set an environmental variable. This will point the computer to itself as the �license manager.� The environmental variable used should be "No-Net."

If when you reconnect with your network you are unable to access license files, you may need to either remove the environmental variable or rename it to the name of your server computer.

Here is the procedure for setting up an environmental variable.

If you are unable to see any servers on the subnet you have to specify a specific license server by setting an environment variable LSFORCEHOST pointing to server's name or IP address (Rainbow recommends IP address).

On Windows NT, 2000 and XP, open control panel, open system, advanced and click on 'Environment Variables'. Click on New and use LSFORCEHOST for variable name and either server name or IP for the value. Click OK to save. Open command prompt and type SET, followed by Enter. You should see line like SET LSFORCEHOST=SERVERNAME, where SERVERNAME is a server name or IP address specific for your setup.

On Win9x machines this can be done by using Notepad to edit c:autoexec.bat and adding a line: SET LSFORCEHOST=SERVERNAME at the top of the file, reboot when done.

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