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Title: How To Install & Use Carlson X-port
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You can use Carlson X-port on the Computer to Transfer job files back and forth to a Carlson SurvCE Data Collector.

1)  Download "XportSetup.exe" from the bottom of this WebPage:
      [Or if you don't have Internet access you can install the old version of X-port from the SurvCE CD]

2) After downloading this file to your Hard Drive, Double-Click the file to Install Carlson X-port and enter in your X-port Serial Number from the back Inside Cover of your SurvCE Manual {it starts with 13313-...}

3) When the Install Finishes run Carlson X-port and register it online when it prompts you

4) Hook up the Explorer to your Computer using the 9 pin Null Modem Cable that came with the Explorer

5) Turn on the Explorer / open SurvCE / tap File / Data Transfer / the COM Port at the bottom has to be set to COM1 / tap the Carlson Transfer button at the Top --- It should say Awaiting Connection now on the Explorer Screen

6) Now go back to the Computer / Open up X-port / click Tools / Data Transfer / "SurvCE_G2_Fast...ยจ

7) If you are using Com1 on your Computer then SurvCom will connect at this time.  The right half should show Files and Folders from your Data Collector and the Left half is your Desktop Computer.
{If you are using something other than Com1 on your Computer this will say "Communications Failure" / tap OK / tap Options at the bottom middle / change the Com Port at the top to the Com Port Number that you are plugged into on the Computer  / tap OK}

8) Click the "Set Path" button in the bottom Left corner / click the Local PC button / click the Select Button / Navigate to the Directory you want to use on your Hard Drive for storing the Data Collector Files / tap OK / tap OK

9)  Now you can just click on a File from the left (computer) or right (data collector) and click Transfer

10)  This will copy that file to the Appropriate Directory   {!!!WARNING!!!: If you are using a Carlson Explorer the Remote Path in the Upper Right corner has to start with \SystemCF\Data & if you are using a Juniper Allegro then the Remote Path must start with \C_Drive\Data --- Failure to use these proper starting directories will result in the loss of job data}

To Install SurvCE 2.08 with a 9pin cable click the attachment at the bottom of the article.