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Title: Carlson SurvPC - Esri license options
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This is in regards to the license options for using Carlson SurvPC with Esri data.

You can click the link below for a PDF document with this same information:
SurvPC Esri License Differences.pdf

Carlson SurvPC with Esri

To access and directly manage Esri data from an Esri Geodatabase natively using Carlson SurvPC it requires an activated Esri license on your tablet or laptop.

Carlson Software can provide these licenses directly through the Carlson SurvPC install.  To inquire about the pricing for each of these products please contact Carlson Software.

!!!Please Note: you must agree to the End User License Agreement for either of the licenses to be valid
A copy of our End User License Agreement is included on Page #2 through 7 in the PDF document listed above.

In most cases we recommend purchasing both the basic and advance licenses.  Usually, Esri GIS Departments will provide the schema and the data sets.  In many case they might not downgrade the Feature Classes to be simple (disconnect the geometry networks, topologies, etc), and in that case an Advanced license is required.

A. Esri ArcGIS Engine  (Carlson - OEM Esri ArcGIS Engine Basic License)
This Esri license allows viewing/editing (modifying)/adding Features within a Geodatabase (single user), non-versioned, locally.  But only if the Feature Class is based on a simple Feature Class Definition: line, point, polygon, raster, etc.  The Geodatabase schema has to be simple to use this Esri license.

B. Esri ArcGIS Engine Geodatabase Update Extension (Carlson - OEM Esri ArcGIS Engine Advanced License)

This Esri license allows viewing/editing (modifying)/adding Features within a Geodatabase if the Feature Class is based on complex Feature Class Definition: junctions, edges, etc.  The Geodatabase schema can be complex if you have the Advanced license.

For a detailed description, please note the included paragraphs from Esri's site:
"This provides the necessary components to build solutions that deal with data automation and compilation and the construction of complex geodatabase features.  Geodatabase Update extension - The Geodatabase Update extension for ArcGIS Engine Runtime adds the ability to create and update a multiuser geodatabase managed with ArcSDE or a file geodatabase. This includes the ability to work with schemas and versioned geodatabases. The Geodatabase Update extension unlocks ArcGIS Engine Runtime with the necessary ArcObjects to run custom editing and advanced geodatabase solutions. These solutions include applications that deal with GIS data automation and compilation, and the construction and maintenance of geodatabase features. The Geodatabase Update extension provides the ability to programmatically create geodatabase behaviors, such as versions, linear networks, topologies, subtypes, and geometric networks."