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Title: SurvCE 4.0 - Supported Windows Mobile Devices
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This is in regards to using the SurvCE_WindowsMobile.exe combined installer for SurvCE Version 4.0

Click below for Installation Instructions on supported devices:
SurvCE4_WinMob Install.PDF

Please scroll to the bottom of the article for special install instructions on a Ranger 3, Getac or Mobile Mapper 10/20

This is the list of Data Collectors supported in Version 4.0 with SurvCE_WindowsMobile.exe:

Carlson Surveyor2
Carlson Surveyor and Surveyor+
Carlson Mini 2
Carlson Mini

Juniper Allegro2
Juniper Archer 2
Juniper Archer
Juniper Mesa
Juniper AllegroMX

Altus GIS-1

BAP Precision Flint
BAP Precision Forge

CHC   LT30

Champion   Scepter I
Champion   Scepter II

ComNav    All STAR

Geomax   Zenith 02

Getac   PS236
Getac   PS336
Getac   PS535F

Handheld Nautiz X3
Handheld Nautiz X4

Hemisphere   Geomapper100
Hemisphere   Geomapper200
Hemisphere   XF2
Hemisphere   XF1

HighTarget   Qmini M3
HighTarget   Qmini M1
HighTarget   Qstar

iMap   iMap

Navcom Nautiz  X7
Navcom Nautiz  X8

Psion Omnii XT15

SatLab  SL 300
SatLab  SL 55

South   S10
South   S760

Sokkia  SHC250

Spectra Precision   Juno T41
Spectra Precision   MM20
Spectra Precision   MM10
Spectra Precision   Nomad
Spectra Precision   ProMark 100/200/120/220
Spectra Precision   Ranger3
Spectra Precision   Ranger with Windows Mobile 5

Stonex  S7
Stonex  S4/P7
Stonex  S3

TDS Ranger 300
TDS Ranger 500

TechGeo   Mio

Topcon Tesla
Topcon GRS-1
Topcon FC-250
Topcon FC-236
Topcon FC-336
Topcon FC-500
Topcon FC-25

Trimble TSC2
Trimble TSC3

*For special installation instructions on a Getac click the link below:
SurvCE4_WinMob Getac.PDF

**For special installation instructions on a Mobile Mapper click the link below:
SurvCE4_WinMob MobileMapper.PDF

***For special installation instructions on a Spectra Precision Ranger 3 click the link below:
SurvCE4_WinMob Ranger3.PDF
SurvCE4_WinMob MobileMapper.pdf
SurvCE4_WinMob Ranger3.pdf
SurvCE4_WinMob Getac.pdf
SurvCE4_WinMob Install.pdf