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Title: How to Add A Windows Theme To A Data Collector Running Windows Mobile Via Activesync
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This is the procedure for adding a Windows theme to a data collector running Windows Mobile, through the use of Microsoft Activesync.

On the PC

  1. Connect the collector to the PC with Activesync.
  2. Click on the Explore button to browse the contents of the device
  3. Double-click on My Windows Mobile-Based Device.
  4. Click on the Tools drop-down, and select Folder Options.
  5. Click on the View tab.
  6. Under Advanced settings, select "Show hidden files and folders". Then, apply.
  7. Double-click on the Windows folder.
  8. Paste the selected .tsk file here.
On The Collector
  1. Tap on the Start Menu
  2. Go to Settings
  3. Tap on the Today icon
  4. Select the Wirtgen theme.
  5. Then, Click OK.
High Contrast.tsk