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Title: Slope Staking
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This is in regards to using SurvCE 2.5 with the Advanced Roading module as it relates to the "Stake Slope" routine under the "Road" tab.

Click the link below to download the SurvCE 2.5 Reference Manual where you can refer to Page # 371 to 392 for a detailed description of the Stake Slope routine:

SurvCE 2.5 Reference Manual

Here is a quick 4 minute movie outlining the basics of Slope Staking:

Slope Staking Movie

You can click the link below for an hour long movie on Advanced Roading in SurvCE:

Advanced Roading Movie

The webinar in the link above was presented by Bruce Carlson, and was originally broadcast on Sep 4, 2008
Slope Stake.wmv