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Title: Topcon Radios: FH915 vs FH915+
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This article is specific to using Topcon GPS Receivers with Internal FH915 or Internal FH915+ radios.

This is some notes from Topcon in regards to the differences in communicating with the FH915 and the FH915+ along with What receiver models support each type of radio.

The original versions of the HiPer Lite all used a FH915 board that did not support this FH915+ Protocol.  

***PLEASE NOTE*** This FH915+ protocol is primarily only used when a Repeater is used.

For the repeater (our RE-S1) to work properly, the Base, repeater and Rover all have to use the FH915+ protocol (I think it may be listed as FH915 Ext now in our Modem TPS software).  The base signal is not able to be received and re-transmitted unless all modems are set in this mode.  

From our testing here however, this mode is not recommended (Unless the repeater is being used).  This is due to the method that the signal is sent and received.  From a performance stand point, there is more redundancy and reliability when the FH915 mode is used rather than the FH915 Ext (or FH915+)