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Title: Transferring the License Manager to a New Server
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All network license files are designed to run on the specific computer from which the license request was sent.  

In order to transfer your licenses to a new server, you must first, download and install the license manager and tools, found in KB article #55, onto the new server.  Continue to follow the instructions in article #55.  You will need to submit a request for new license files for that server.  

You should not need to make any changes on the workstations if the server is on the same subnet as the previous server.  The workstations will continue to search your network until the license manager is found.

However, if you have set an environment variable on the workstations, which points them to the name or IP address of the old server, you will need to modify the variable accordingly.
For more information on this procedure, please see Knowledge Base article #855.

Once you have your new server setup, you may uninstall the Sentinel RMS software from your old server.
Article #55: