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Title: Error GEDIT3
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Error “gedit 3”

This error may be caused by conflicting programs that run in the background including Anti-Virus software, Microsoft.Net Framework, video drivers and some network programs.  Below is a list of possible solutions for this.  Try them one at a time until the issue is resolved.

- For systems with NVIDIA display adapters, disable the adapter via Control Panel> System>  Hardware> Device Manager> Display Adapter.  Right click on the adapter name and choose disable.

-Turn off any programs that are running in the background, disable Antivirus software, or disconnect from the network. 

-Some users report this error after running a repair on Adobe Acrobat.

-Below is an additional PDF outlining the procedure to correct known conflicts caused by Desktop Authority and ScriptLogic:

-If the above fails to resolve the issue, do a search to remove any spyware or Trojans on the system (per Knowledge Base Article 249).