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Title: SurvCE w/ Leica GFU-19 modem
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This is in regards to using a Leica 1200 or Leica 500 GPS system with the Multitech GFU19 cellphone modem.

***In SurvCE 1.65, to use the MulitTech (GFU-19) modem, there are 2 options.

First Option:  you can set up a full GPRS internet connection through the Leica onboard software and use their controller to connect and disconnect (I think it's Shift-F4).  In this case, select "Internet Connection" as your radio type in SurvCE.

Second Option: You can select "User Defined" modem in SurvCE and for the AT commands, enter the same commands that are in the configuration for MulitTech in the Leica software.  For the United States, they are:
Dial: ATD^#^M
Hangup: ATH^M
Escape: ~~~~+++