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Title: Renaming Jobs in SurvCE
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This procedure first creates a copy of your CRD to protect your original data.  It should be noted that all files created in association with this Job will also need to be renamed.  Meaning that the RW5, INI, and all other files associated.  Otherwise, you will no longer be able to access them.

In order to rename a .crd file in SurvCE, you must exit the job in question in the program.  Once you are in a different job you should exit SurvCE.
From the windows desktop, go into My Computer, 
Then System CF.  
Inside of this folder is another called Data.  This is where the job files should be stored.
Once inside the Data file go to the View pull-down.
Select Options and un-check all of the boxes for hiding information.  Hit OK.
Now, you should see all of your files including their file extensions (.crd, etc)
Locate your CRD file for your Job and tap it once to "highlight" it.  
Go to the Edit pulldown and select Copy.  
Go to edit again and tap Paste.  
You have now pasted a copy of the original file into the folder.  
Scroll to this file (Copy of...) and "highlight" it.  
Now go to the File pulldown and select rename.
You have now successfully changed the name of your Job’s CRD file.

You will now need to follow the same procedure for all other files associated with your Job.