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Title: How to Search for Files In the Carlson Explorer Data Collector
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How to do a Global Search on a Data Collector

1) Open up the Start Menu
On a Carlson Explorer � tap the Blue 2nd Function key in the upper Left of the Keyboard & then tap �W� on the Keyboard
On an Allegro - hold the CTRL key and tap the ESC key

2) Tap Start / Programs / Tools / Command Prompt

3) Type in:  dir *.crd /s /p
Type it with the spaces and everything {i.e. � dir space *.crd space /s space /p}
This procedure can be used to search for all file types.  (.rw5, .txt, .crd, etc.)
If you happen to know the file name that can also help:   JONES.crd, instead of *.crd.
The * acts as a wildcard.

Hit Enter!  This will show you all the CRD files that are in the Data Collector, no matter what Directory they are stored in.  IF they haven�t been Erased from being stored outside of the SystemCF directory on an Explorer or outside of the C_Drive directory on an Allegro.

---> Or if you would like you can simply download the attached file {Search.bat} below and copy it to the SystemCF folder of an Explorer or the C_Drive folder of an Allegro.   Then exit SurvCE / double-tap My Computer / open the folder you saved "Search.bat" into / tap twice on "Search.bat"
It will run this search command automatically so you don't have to type it in.  Just hit enter to view each screen one-by-one, when the command finishes you can hit enter twice to exit out.