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Title: Reserving network license for the user/group of users
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The purpose of this exercise is to reserve a particular license(s) to a group of users to make sure that they always have the license. This makes the license unavailable for non-privileged users.

  1. Run Wlmadmin while users who need the license are using it. Write down a name of the feature (like SCAD_XML_COGO) and names of users as they appear in the program.
  2. Run Wlsgrmgr program included with tools
    • Open lsreserv file in c:\program files\rainbow technologies\SentinelLM 7.2.0 Server\English folder. If file does not exist - create new one, but save at the location above when done.
  3. Pick Feature -> Add from the menu.
    • Use feature name you wrote down. NB: Do not skip version, it is NOT optional. Click Next.
    • Specify some group name and number of tokens reserved to this group. These licenses will not be available to other users.
    • Add users (or machines) one at a time. You can also exclude users instead.
    • Repeat this step as needed.
  4. Go to Control Panel->Administrative Tools->Services. Find SentinelLM service and stop it.
  5. Save file.
  6. Start the SentinelLM service again.