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Title: Release Notes
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The new 1.16 release requires a full install to update from a previous release. Download the install from the webpage or contact Carlson Software to ship you a new install CD. Before installing the new release, be sure to unistall the previous release by running Windows>Control Panel>Add/Remove Programs.

Carlson Takeoff Release Notes:

Release 1.16        	5-12-06
-	Added support for Topcon Pocket 3D in Import Polyline File
-	More methods in Convert Spot Elev To Points including processing blocks
-	New routine to Draw Subgrade Hatch Legend
-	Trench Template option to make trench width relative to pipe size
-	New method in Create Trench Structure for easy way to add laterals
-	Trench Network Quantities function to report stations at depth zone transitions
-	Added Point Group Manager, Centerline Report, Distance w/ Leader, Align 2D
Release 1.15        	9-9-05
-	Improved speed of making surfaces and volume reports
-	New option to reduce TIN surface size
-	New Mass Haul Analysis Report
-	Overexcavate new method to set by strata surface
-	Material Quantities option to report by AOI
-	Drawing Cleanup for AEC_Pts and arc extrusion
-	Added Elevation Difference, Label Angle, Twist Point Attributes, Resize Point Attributes, Scale Point Attributes, Break At Selected Point
Release 1.14 		4-28-05
-	New ability to adjust existing ground surface for subgrade removal areas
-	New routine to label subgrade depth areas
-	Several improvements to streamline digitizing
-	Improved Convert Spot Elevations
-	New Input-Edit End Areas command with mass haul report
-	Added Stockpile volumes, Triangulate & Contour, Tin File Utilities, Volumes By Triangulation, Run-off Tracking and Erase Outside
Release 1.13 		2-28-05
-	New Materials Library command
-	New Surface Report command
-	New routines for reporting and labeling area of interest and topsoil areas
-	Many new features in material quantities and reports
-	Improved Edit-Assign Polyline Elevations
-	Added Point Defaults and Place Image By World File
Release 1.12 		1-28-05
-	New Layer Inspector command
-	Many new options in trench quantities and templates
-	New Selection Set By Elevation command
-	Improved Display options interface
-	New Mouse Settings command
-	Added Set Layer, Layer Report and Purge
Release 1.11 		12-17-04
-	New volume report format options
-	Unlimited different topsoil depths
-	New option to color entities by layer target
-	Added Station Polyline, Calculate Offset, Offset Point Entry, Label Station-Offset and Polyline Report
Release 1.10 		11-23-04
-	Topsoil removal option to set depth by strata
-	Support for multiple boundary polylines
-	New command to color contours by elevation interval
-	Calculate Trench Quantities new option to color the trench zones in plan view
Release 1.09 		9-24-04
-	Completed reference manual and four tutorals
-	Improved triangulation speed and added option for binary file
-	Added ability for user-defined surfaces
-	New archive/restore project routines
-	Improved reporting for volumes
Release 1.08 		6-25-04
-	Added support for strata models for trenching
-	New Quick Sections routine
-	Added Profile to Points, Profile to 3D Polyline, Area By Closed Polylines, Draw Triangulation File, Draw Overx Surface and Draw Strata Surface
Release 1.07 		5-28-04
-	Added Trench command set
-	New Cut/Fill Centroids routine
-	Improved Cut/Fill color map and labels
-	Added Erase Points, Highway Section Staging and Slope Zone Analysis
Release 1.06 		4-23-04
-	New Check Elevation Range command
-	New Draw Shrinkwrap Entities command
-	Added digitizing config option for puck layout
-	Added basic balance volumes routine
-	Added Create Points From Entities, Design Road Profile, Remove Duplicate Linework, Smooth Polyline and Image commands
Release 1.05		3-26-04
-	Added Field To Finish, Clipboard commands, Color Contour By Elevation and Add Intersection Points.
-	Improved 3D Drive speed on large files
-	Added options for Display Cut/Fill Contours
Release 1.04		3-3-04
-	Added Data Collection transfer
-	Added Digitize toolbar
-	Added Export Carlson Triangulation File
-	Added Export Topcon TN3
-	Improved speed of modeling
-	Quick Profile: Added ability to adjust alignment and update in real-time
-	Improved Digitize Contour
-	Improved Digitizer Calibration
-	Added Contour Elevation Label, Profile From 2D Polyline, Write Polyline File, Explode Text To Polylines, Coordinate File Utilities, Design Pad Template, Pipe Depth Summary, Draw Symbols, Erase By Closed Polyline, Edit Symbol Library and Slope Report
Release 1.03		10-30-03
-	Added Standard Material Quantities Report
-	Added Remove Zero Length Linework method and Set Elevations Outside Range method in Drawing Cleanup
-	New toolbar icons
-	New Surface Manager
-	Added Xref manager commands
Release 1.02		9-12-03
-	Added Elevate Spot Elevations
-	Added Elevate 3D Polyline By Text With Leader
-	Added Edit-Assign Polyline Elevations
-	Added Topsoil remove and replace
Release 1.01		7-29-03
-	Initial Release