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Title: DXF file from SurvCE pre 1.50.007 crashes my AutoCAD
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AutoCAD Pre 2000 delt with DXF file differently than post 2000.

Therefore use the attached program to convert any SurvCE DXF files that fail to open.

Details below.

Here is the actual description of the problem. Please add it to the KB.
SurvCE and GIS-CE versions up to: 1.50.006 generates AutoCAD DXF files, which have stored inside as EDD (extended entity data) for the linework created trough field to finish, the points that are defining the linework.
The EDD is stored as a string and could go beyond the 254 maximum characters per string. 
AutoCAD engines up to 2000 engine were opening DXF files containing EDD string data having a length greater than 254. The actual AutoCAD engine was stripping the data to 254. 
Starting with AutoCAD 2002 such DXFs are: locking-up AutoCAD or crashing the entire AutoCAD to the desktop. 
The next version of SurvcE, GIS-CE 1.50.007 has a fix in it that will generate a DXF in which the EDD strings are divided in smaller strings having the length below 254 characters. 
Until the new version of SurvCE, GIS-CE will be out and more than that in order to accommodate the already created DXFs and make them available for the users I am providing an EXE program that fixes these DXF files. 
To run the program, please copy it onto your hard disk and double click on it. Please select the DXF file and press DXF Fix button. The routine will always create a copy of the processed file as bak for safety reasons. The fixed DXF file will have the same name as the original file.