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Title: Why has my rod height changed?
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SYMPTOM: GPS and Antenna Heights/Elevations and Total Station Prism 
Heights/Elevations change after Re-Boot.

CAUSE:  SurvCE and FAST Survey do not store to permanent storage (hard disk) changes in antenna height or prism height, except in the following scenarios:

The hard save of antenna/prism heights is done when the user exits the program, when they save a configuration from the instrument icon at the top of the screen, when they say OK to Configure Rover, Configure Base or Equip/Settings (for TS), when they change jobs and when they enter 
Equip/Comm Settings.  Prior to release 1.50.007, due out in October, 2004, even Configure Rover did not save the height information "to disk".


If you re-boot, hard reset or otherwise exit the program by any method other than the normal File, Exit method, recent changes to the prism height or antenna height may not be saved.  On re-entering the program, the x,y position for GPS work, for example, will very likely be 
correct, but elevations may be in error.  When using GPS, it is recommended, after a re-boot, that you do the command Configure Rover to re-establish the correct elevations, and in all cases (GPS and Total Station) it is recommended that you double-check your antenna or prism heights before proceeding.