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Title: Sending a Network License To A Remote User (Off-Site) - ADVANCED METHOD
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NOTICE: This is the Advanced method for commuting a network license, and will require two people to complete the process. Once this procedure is complete, you WILL NOT be able to check the license back in until the user specified expiration date.

The recommended method for commuting a network license requires that the individual, who is looking to use the license on a remote computer, would, initially, have direct access to the network. For more information, please see Knowledge Base article #507.

General Process

  • Remote user downloads and installs contents of
  • Remote user sends "locking code" to Local/server user
  • Local/server user downloads and installs contents of
  • Local/server user uses "locking code" to checks-out a license on behalf of the Remote user
  • Local/server user sends license file to Remote user
  • Remote user "installs" license file obtained from Local/server user
  • The checked-out license automatically re-activates at the Local/server location after the check-out duration has expired

Remote User - Initiate Locking Code

  1. Setup the remote user's computer with a serial number that has network licensing enabled.
  2. Download and Extract the files, from within, to a temporary folder.
  3. Select the "Get Locking Code" tab. Then, select SAVE THE LOCKING STRING TO A FILE AND ATTACH IT TO AN E-MAIL to be sent back to the Local/Server user.

Local/Server User - Generate License File

  1. Download and install
  2. Extract into a temporary folder and run the program.
  3. Pick the server and feature to commute.
  4. Toggle on "Check out authorization for the remote machine", set the number of days for the license to be commuted, then click the Check Out button.
  5. Select an option at the bottom and use the file emailed to you by the remote user.
  6. Click OK. Specify the file name to save the license to, click OK again.
  7. Email that license to the remote user.

Remote User - Install License File

  1. Run WRCommute.exe again
  2. Pick "Install Remote Authorization Code" and then "Get from File"
  3. Specify the file sent from the Local/server User and click INSTALL.

At this point the software should be activated on the Remote computer.

NOTICE: Once this procedure is complete, you will not be able to check the license back in until the user specified expiration date.

Remote Commuter License Procedure.pdf