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Title: Updating the License Manager for Carlson 2020 and Beyond
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Carlson products 2020 and later will require the newer SentinelRMS 9_5_0221 version of the License Management software, as well as the Carlson LMTools Click here to see the System Requirements for the license management software. If your server is already running this version of the license manager, and you have a copy of these tools on the server; no further action is required on the server side. If you are upgrading your Carlson Software product, you will not require new license files; unless you are adding more licenses, or moving the license manager to a new server. Carlson license files from the years 2007 and beyond are compatible with the latest networked Carlson software. If you are moving the license manager to a new server, you will need to submit a license request from that new server. Each license file is specifically designed to run on the computer, from which the license request was sent. If you are having difficulty accessing the license files at the workstations, please visit Knowledge Base article #211) - for troubleshooting the license manager.

SentinelRMS 9_5_0221.exe
Carlson LMTools
Procedure for Updating the License Manager for Carlson 2020.pdf