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Title: Field to Finish Easy Start Guide
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The following Field to Finish Guide was put together by Doug Aaberg, Carlson Software's Survey Product Manager. More, helpful information, regarding Field to Finish, can be found in Doug's Blog.

Overview and Initial Setup:

This guide, and its included files, are designed to assist you in setting up and using a basic Field to Finish configuration. It is designed to help get you "up and running" with this extremely efficient program that will save you time and money.

There are many options to consider when setting up Field to Finish, which are directly related to your current "in-house" standards; such as layer names, symbols and field codes. This guide includes instructions on editing the code list to match those in use by your company. It is recommended that, other than the code names, you begin by using the supplied files "as is" to become familiar with their operation. You may then decide which, if any, to modify.

The files included in the Easy Start Guide are:

  • CSW-EX.cfg - a general configuration file that contains default settings for most commands
  • CSW-EX.dwt - a default drawing template that contains layers matching those in the FLD files
  • Tree Setup.tree - a simple tree survey setup for use in Field to Finish
  • CSW-ATT.fld - an optional Field Code Table that utilizes labeling points with attributes
  • CSW-TXT.fld - an optional Field Code Table that utilizes labeling points with text
  • F2F.crd - a sample coordinate file to use as practice and to aid in examining field coding methods.
  • Using the Supplied Files

    1. Copy all the above files with the exception of the F2F.CRD to the following location on your PC: C:Carlson Projects/Settings
    2. Copy the F2F.crd sample coordinate file to your working directory. The default is: C:Carlson Projects
    3. A Full Set of Instructions Are Included in the Attached ZIP File.
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