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Title: Romanian Grid Projection and Geoids for SurvPC
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Carlson SurvPC now supports the Romanian Stereographic Marea Negra 1975 Grid Projections and Geoids.

You must download and install the English Version 2.52 or higher.  Please contact your Local Dealer if you need help upgrading to Version 2.52 or higher.

To check your SurvPC version you can tap the Equip tab then tap "About SurvPC"

In this new build if you tap Equip / Localization / System Tab = tap "Edit Projection List" then tap "Add Predefined"

After setting your Country to "ROMANIA" you will see two new "Predefined" coordinate systems:
"Stereographic 1970-Marea Negra 1975" 
"Stereographic 1930-Marea Negra 1975"

Please let us know if the Coordinate Results from these files are not within the expected tolerance.

To Install this "Romania" update:

1) Click the link below to download the file ""

Romanian Grid and Geoid v102

2) After the file is downloaded - unzip all the files into a separate folder on your desktop or laptop computer

3) Exit out of SurvPC on the Data Collector by tapping File / tap Exit / tap Yes

4) Copy the 4 *.GRD grid files listed below into the "SurvPC Settings" folder on your Data Collector, which is located in "C:Users"your name"AppDataRoamingCarlson Software". 
If you are unable to see the "AppData" folder, you will need to set your Windows OS to show "Hidden items".  To do this, you must tap on the View tab in the Windows Explorer. Then, "check" the box for "Hidden items."
 --- Click YES if it asks you to overwrite the Existing Files:


5) Now copy the file "Romanian_ETRS89v102.gsf" into the Data folder on your Data Collector where your jobs are stored {for example: "C:Carlson ProjectsDatageoids"}

6) Open up SurvPC and go into Equip / Localization / System tab / Edit Projection list / Add Predefined / Select "Romania" as the country = this will contain the 2 "Marea Negra 1975" options.  Tap once on the system you want to use to highlight it then tap the Green Check in the Upper Right / tap Green Check again

7) While you are still in Equip / Localization tap the GPS tab = tap the "Geoid File" button and select "Romanian_ETRS89v102.gsf" / tap the Green Check

8) !!! MAKE SURE IN the GPS tab you set the "Geoid Interpolation Method" to "Bi Cubic Spline"

9) When you are finished you can tap the Green Checkbox in the upper right to return to the Main Menu and save your Changes