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Title: Carlson Mini 2 Stuck During the Boot Process
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When a unit is stuck during boot, some possible solutions are as follows (in order).
  • Perform a Hard Reset by holding the Power button for a full count of 20 seconds (even as the screen flashes off and on twice, and even through the blue screen with sliders).
  • Perform an extended power removal by pulling the battery and wall charger for a few minutes.
  • For possible data recovery if needed (no guarantees), perform a Clean Registry by saving and copying the A2Update.txt file (from the Attachments section in the bottom of this article) to the root directory of a MicroSD card, insert into unit, and then soft Reset (hold Power button for 5 seconds). Once recovered, perform a Clean Boot as explained below.
  • Perform a Clean Boot by holding the Power button for 15-20 seconds until the blue screen appears, move the "Set Factory Defaults" slider, and then tap Exit. This will permanently ERASE all your job files and remove all installed programs and data on the internal flash storage memory hard drive.
  • Reload the operating system from Carlson Knowledge Base article #1081, available by the following link: Carlson Mini 2 OS 1.8.9 Update by MicroSD card