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Title: Carlson Cloud For SurvCE and SurvPC
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This is in regards to using Carlson Cloud in SurvCE, SurvPC or Carlson Survey office software.

!!!Please Note: To use the Carlson Cloud service after July 12th, 2022 will require using SurvCE 6.15 or higher in your data collector.

To connect using SurvPC 6.0 or higher on a tablet or Carlson Survey 2018 or higher in your office computer requires Windows 8.1 or higher as the operating system.  Windows 7 and older can no longer access Carlson Cloud due to necessary security changes to our server

There are no recurring subscription fees for using the Carlson Cloud transfer routine.

File size is limited to 5MB for transfer via Cloud.
The file size is checked before the user is allowed to attach the file to a message.

Click below for a Quick Start guide to setting up and using Carlson Cloud on an Internet Connected device:

Carlson Cloud Quickstart Guide for SurvCE/PC.pdf

You can tap the File or Equip tab then tap "About SurvCE" to check which version of SurvCE is currently installed in your data collector:

#1) If Version 6.15 or higher is displayed in SurvCE no changes are necessary.

#2) If your data collector shows Version 6.00 to 6.14 then you can go to the page to download and install the newest version of SurvCE 6.15 or higher:
SurvCE Download Page

#3) If it shows Version 5.09 or older you can click the link below to view supported data collectors in SurvCE Version 6.0 to see if you are eligible to upgrade to SurvCE version 6.15:
SurvCE Supported Hardware

If your data collector and equipment is listed as supported in Version 6.0 in the table from the link above you can go into Equip / About SurvCE and tap "Change Registration" to write down your SurvCE serial number making sure to include the dashes then click the link below:
SurvCE Upgrade

You will need to type in an email address you have access to and type in the serial number including the dashes then click Submit and follow the prompts to purchase a 6.0 serial number.
Carlson Cloud Quickstart Guide for SurvCE_PC.pdf