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Title: Carlson Software's Network Lincense Manager - An Overview
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Carlson Software's license management software (Sentinel RMS) coordinates the use of a licensed application by multiple users and computers. This license manager usually runs on a computer that is located on the same subnet as any computer which will be running one of our programs.* 

The license management software, on the server, reads the license file to identify the valid uses of a single application or feature. There may be multiple licenses in a single license file.

The computers that run the Carlson Software programs are called "clients". When a licensed application is run on the client, a request for a license is sent across the network to the license server. The license server, then, grants the request, if possible, and returns an authorization message back to the client.

*Note: A license server program need not run on a file server system or any specific hardware server. Any computer that meets the requirements is acceptable. Realistically, a system running on Pentium Processor 3 (or higher), 550 MHz and having 128 MB RAM is a good choice for measuring stress data.


For troubleshooting, please refer to Knowledgebase Article 211. The Complete Administrator's Guide has been included in the Carlson LMTools Update8_2_3.Zip file.


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