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Title: Topcon FC2200 Installation / Keyboard Fix
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!!!PLEASE NOTE: You can download and install Version 2.08 for the FC2200 from which does not require any of the steps below!!!

Here are the steps required to use SurvCE 2.07 or less on the FC2200 for addressing keyboard issues.

1.  Install SurvCE for the 600+

2.  Double-tap "My Device" / double-tap SystemCF

3.  Tap once on the file "acarlson600+.rmt” to highlight it / tap File / tap Delete / tap YES

4.  Double-tap the "KeyMap" folder

5.  Double-tap the file "keymapinstall73.exe” {you'll see a quick hourglass then it goes away}

6.  Tap X to close the "My Device" window

7.  Tap on the bottom edge of the screen to open the Start Menu / tap Programs / Tools / SaveReg / tap OK

7.  Hold the On/Off button down for 12 seconds / let go of it / then turn the data collector on like normal by pushing the On/Off button

8.  It should go through a white boot loader screen then return to windows

9.  Now your Keyboard should work properly and you should be able to open SurvCE