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Title: Septentrio Advisory Note Regarding Upgrade, 2/28/2008
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Software Update for RTK users of PolaRx2/2e, PolaRx2@/2e@ 
and PolaRx2eH receivers using satellite PRN32

On 28/2/2008 Septentrio has issued an Advisory Note regarding the 
problem of satellite PRN32 usage in RTK. This satellite has been 
set to healthy in the GPS constellation since 27th of February 2008. 
Septentrio has created a software solution which has been tested on 
different configurations since the PRN32 became active. This 
solution, now available to PolaRx2/2e users, allows PRN32 to be 
incorporated into RTK and all receiver functionalities. 

Septentrio recommends you to upgrade your PolaRx receiver(s) as 
instructed in the attached document (location of the software update 
is also mentioned in the document)

After applying this patch, you will not longer need to disable satellite 
PRN32 as recommended by Septentrio in the Advisory note of 
28/2/2008. If for any reason you choose not to apply this patch we 
recommend you to follow the Advisory Note previously 
communicated or to contact Septentrio support for any further