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Title: Mobile 5 / Mobile 6 Bluetooth
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PLEASE NOTE:  If you are using SurvCE 2.0 you MUST install Version 2.08 or higher using the attached PDF at the bottom of the Article to use Bluetooth.

After installing SurvCE Version 2.08 or higher, open up SurvCE and then:
1) tap the Equip tab
2) tap Total Station, GPS Base or GPS Rover
3) tap the Comms tab
4) Select Bluetooth for the Type
5) set the “Device” to “Windows Mobile”
6) At this point tap the Configure button off to the right and 
use the “Find Receiver” button to add your instrument to the list
7) If the instrument requires a Passkey you MUST Use the “Set Receiver Pin”
button for the connection to work properly. 

This applies to SurvCE 2.07 and lower using Mobile 5 data collectors {Juniper Archer, Trimble TSC2, TDS Ranger, TDS Recon Carlson Mini}

Mobile 5.0 and Built-In Bluetooth:
0) Turn on the Bluetooth Device you want to connect to
1) Start / Settings / Connections Tab / Bluetooth Icon
2) tap the Devices Tab
3) tap New Partnership
4) tap the Name of the Device to highlight / tap Next

5a) tap Next again with a Blank Passkey if GPS or fill it in if its a Total Station
  5b) If you see a Popup Box asking to allow the device to Connect tap "YES"
  5c) If you are connecting to GPS and it prompts you for another passkey enter in a 1 and tap next

6) Check the box for Serial Port / tap Finish
7) now tap the "Com Ports" tab
8) tap "New Outgoing Port" (Please DO NOT USE Incoming Port)
9) tap the Device name you want to connect to / tap Next
10) uncheck the "Secure Connection" box / make note of Com # / tap Finish
11) tap OK in upper right / tap X

12) Open SurvCE
13) go into Equip / choose the Instrument button for your device {TS or GPS Base, Rover}
14) Tap the Comms Tab / choose Bluetooth for the Type / choose "Other" or "Generic" for the Device
15) Set the Port Number to the outgoing Com Number from step #10
16) Now when you Tap the Green Check it should connect to your Bluetooth Instrument