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Title: Import ASCII Locks Up SurvCe
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This is in regards to importing ASCII files where there is Large Point gaps between existing point numbers and the new point numbers.

If you are using SurvCE and importing an ASCII file with say points numbers # 100 to 120 into an existing CRD coordinate file that has Point numbers starting out at 5,000 or 10,000 this can cause Large Import times up to 5 or 10 minutes or longer and in some cases may even lock up the data Collector.  

One way to help speed this up is to create CRD coordinate files in an Alphanumeric Format.
To check the format of your CRD file, go into the Cogo tab / Keyboard Input = the format of the CRD file you have open will be displayed.  If it says “Type CRD: Numeric” then you can follow the steps below to convert this to an Alphanumeric format.
  1. Go to the Equipment Tab/ Configure. Here you will find the option for “New Job Use Alphanumeric Format.” Make sure that this option has been selected.
  2. Go to the File Tab / Import/Export / Export ASCII File / set the “Decimals” in the bottom right to 5 / tap OK / tap OK again to create a text file from your current CRD.
  3. Now go to File / Job / and open a NEW Job with a DIFFERENT name.
  4. Go into File / Import_Export / Import ASCII file / tap “select file” in the upper right / pick the Text file we created in step #2 / tap ok / tap OK again.
  5. Now when you go to Cogo / Keyboard Input you will be in Alphanumeric format. Try importing the original ASCII Text file, which you were having trouble with, and see if that the import time is reduced to something a little more practical.