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Title: Installing SurvCE 2.0 Help files
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!!!PLEASE NOTE - to use the Help Files on the Data Collector you have to be running Windows CE 4.2 or higher.  Juniper AllegroCE, older TDS Rangers, and older Windows CE data collectors will NOT run the help files program at this time.  If you have one of these older data collectors go to Start / Settings / Control Panel / System icon = check if it is Windows CE 4.2 or higher --> if not the instructions below will not work, the Help option will error out to: "Internet Explorer Browser not available"!!!

To use the built-in help files for SurvCE 2.0 you need to follow the instructions below.

Once you have followed the instructions below you can tap the Hard Hat icon in the upper left of SurvCE 2.0 and tap Help to view the help files.

1) Scroll to the bottom of this page and Right-Click the file "" and save this file to your Desktop Computer

2) After the file finishes downloading to your Computer unzip this File to your hard drive

3) You should have a folder named "HtmlHelp" now with a large number of files in it and one other folder inside of it called "Images"

4) Install Microsoft ActiveSync 4.2
  a.  Scroll to the Bottom of the page and click the link for "ActiveSync 4.2"
  b.  Click the Continue button in the Green Bar / click next to “No, I do not want to register” / click Continue again / Click “Download Files below” in the Green Bar / click on the Download button for  “setup.exe” / click “Run” / After it downloads click “Run” again / Follow On-Screen prompts to install it.

5)  When the program gets to the “Get Connected” screen, plug in the 9pin Null Modem Cable {or a USB cable if you use the 600+ or Allegro} from the Desktop Computer into the Data Collector. 

6)  On the Data Collector - Tap File & Exit to make sure you exit out of SurvCE if you are already running a previous version of SurvCE

7) Click Next on the Desktop computer to search for the data collector.  (If you are using a 9pin Null Modem Cable then immediately Tap the “PC-Link” icon on the Data Collector TWICE at this point)

8)  Once the ActiveSync connects up tell it NO you do not want a partnership then It should have a Green circle and say Connected on the Desktop computer

9)  Plug your data collector into the Wall Charger

***Please NOTE: this next step can take anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes depending on whether you are using a USB cable or a 9pin cable

10) Using Microsoft ActiveSync, copy the entire HtmlHelp folder to the SurvStar folder on your CE device. This location will vary based on your data collector (i.e. For the Allegro, the location will be “C_Drive\SurvStar”. For the Explorer, the location will be “SystemCF\SurvStar”. Online SurvCE Help is now installed)

ActiveSync 4.2: