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Title: How to Import/Export a Text/ASCII file
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These are the instructions for for Importing, and Exporting Text/ASCII data with SurvCE.  A pdf copy of this information is attached, below.

Import Text/ASCII Data

  1. From the File menu, select Import/Export.
  2. Select Import ASCII File. This command converts point data from an ASCII text file into the SurvCE format. The source ASCII file can contain any combination of point number, northing, easting, elevation, and description. The next figure shows the Import ASCII dialog box.
  3. Leave the File Type set to User Defined. Then, tap on Select File.
  4. Browse to the location of the text file that you wish to import. Highlight it, then click on the green checkmark.
  5. In the center of the Import ASCII screen, there is a preview window. This window shows a brief preview of the data which you are about to import. Please note whether the data is separated by commas or spaces. This is important, as you will need to tell the program exactly which format it will be reading to import the points.
  6. Once you are satisfied that the “file format” matches what is shown in the preview window, and you have the correct number of points to import shown at the bottom of the screen; you may click the green checkmark.
  7. You now be prompted to select the .crd file, into which the points will be imported.
  8. Export Text/ASCII Data

  9. From the File menu, select Import/Export.
  10. Select Export ASCII File. This command converts point data from the SurvCE format into an ASCII text file.
  11. The Export ASCII window shows the format in which the text file will be created. Leave the File Type set to User Defined. Make sure that the “Range” of points contains all of the points that you wish to include in your text file. Then, tap on the Green Check.
  12. The ASCII File to Write window shows us where the text file will be saved on the data collector. The text file name will default to the name of your job. Click the Green Check to create your txt file.
How To Import-Export Text ASCII Data In SurvCE.pdf