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Title: Connecting to a Leica 1200 Robotic using Bluetooth
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In order to connect to your Leica 1200 Robotic, running bluetooth, you must set your Geocom mode to:
Use Interface- YES
Port- PORT 3 (This is your bluetooth port)
Device- Here you can highlight RS232 and select NEW.  This will allow you to create a new Device with the settings of the RS232, but with a name that you can easily associate with your Bluetooth Collector.  (i.e. ALLEGROBT).
Protocol- RS232 Geocom.

Now that you have set up your Leica, you will need to make sure that your Bluetooth data collector will recognize your instrument.

First, exit the SurvCE program if you have not already.  Go to the task bar of your Windows screen.  Double tap the Bluetooth icon and select Advanced Features.
Then, Bluetooth Devices.  Conduct a search for all Bluetooth Devices in your area by tapping on the EYES.  Followed by NEXT and NEXT, again.  Your Leica instrument should be recognized as one of the devices in your area.
At this point you can exit out of this program and go back to your Windows Desktop.
Again, you should select the Bluetooth icon on the task bar, ADVANCED SETTINGS, and MY BLUETOOTH DEVICE.
Under the Device Manager GENERAL tab, make sure that you have DISCOVERABLE AND CONNECTABLE turned on.
Next, go to the COM PORTS tab and make sure that all boxes are checked.  Pay special attention to the Bluetooth Com Port, as this will be important when running the SurvCE program.
Exit this program and open up your SurvCE.  Select your instrument and its proper settings for Robotic.  
Once, you hit okay, you will be brought to the Comm Setup window.
Here you must select the com port that was acknowledged as you Bluetooth port.  Tap the Default settings button, and then OK.  
Now, you should be looking at the Bluetooth Devices window and seeing your Leica instrument.  Highlight that instrument and tap Select.  You should hear a tone of recognition from the instrument.  You are ready to go.

Leica Robot BT with SurvCE.pdf