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Title: Backing Up and Restoring Device Data for Pocket PC Units
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According to Microsoft's website:

"Using the built-in ActiveSync backup and restore feature, a user can create a backup file on their desktop computer containing all of the files, databases, Pocket Outlook data, RAM-based programs, and other information on their device. If their device data becomes lost or corrupted, they can restore it from this backup file."

If the battery runs out on your POCKET PC, you will lose everything. This means you need to reinstall all of the software and that the REGISTRATION CODE for your install of Surv CE will change and the CHANGE KEY we gave you before will not work. If this should occur, give us a call, explain what happened, and we will supply you with a new CHANGE KEY.

Once you have re-registered your Surv CE you can use the ActiveSync software to backup the entire contents of your Pocket PC. After making the backup -if your batteries run out again and you lose everything - you will be able to restore all of your programs to your Pocket PC.

How To Backup your CE-Device

- Connected the PDA through ActiveSync and establish a temporary partnership.  

- Create a backup file with a name that is easily recognized as being related to that specific PDA.

- The next time that your PDA should die due to lack of power, you can:

1- Connect through Activesync, 
2- Run TOOLS. 
3- Then RESTORE. 

This should restore your software.