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Title: How do I Update my SurvCE using ActiveSync
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Microsoft ActiveSync 4.5 and PC Link

ActiveSync is necessary to update Carlson SurvCE. To install ActiveSync on your
desktop computer, visit:

In order to connect your Carlson Explorer to your desktop computer, the Carlson
Explorer requires PCLink to be running while ActiveSync searches for the mobile device.
Find PCLink on the Carlson Explorer desktop.

When using ActiveSync you need to make sure that you are using the proper cables to       connect with your PC.  Meaning the cables, or cradle, that came with your collector. 

1.	Note which port you are connected through (i.e. 1, 2, 3, etc.) 

2.	Open up ActiveSync.  In most cases it can be found on your taskbar as a small, gray,       circular icon with two arrows running in a circle in the center.

3.	Once you have opened ActiveSync, pull down the FILE menu.  Open CONNECTION SETTINGS.  
If you find that you cannot open CONNECTION SETTINGS, select GET CONNECTED.  You will be prompted to make sure that your collector is properly connected to the PC.  Then, select NEXT.  You will be told that a connection could not be made.  You will then be allowed to access CONNECTION SETTINGS.

4.	On this screen you will be asked to set the port, which you will be using to connect with the PC.  Check the box above the port selection box marked for the serial cable.  Then check OKAY.

5.	Open the FILE pull down again and select GET CONNECTED.

6.	On the GET CONNECTED screen click on NEXT.

7.	You will now see an image of a PC sending information to a smaller computer.  While this is happening go to your data collector and double tap the PC LINK icon on the Windows desktop of the data collector.  This will open a window with a message telling you that it is connecting to the PC.  You may need to tap the PC LINK icon on your collector a few times until a small computer appears and stays on the taskbar.  The ActiveSync icon on the PC taskbar will also turn green and make a connection sound.

8.	Your PC will now prompt you to create a partnership.  Press cancel.  You will be told that you will be set up for as guest in order to connect.

9.	Locate the Update where you have it saved on your PC.  Double tap it.

10.	You have now entered the CARLSON SETUP program.  Click NEXT.  CLICK YES.

11.	Enter the name of the collector user and the name of your company.

12.	You will now be asked if you want to overwrite your existing Carlson Software.  Click YES.

13.	You will then be asked if you want the update to be saved in the default directory.  Click YES.

14.	Once the download is complete from the PC.  You will be asked to refer to your collector for any further instructions.

15.	On the collector, tap the screen to copy the files to the system.

16.	Go to the START menu, PROGRAMS, TOOLS, and WARM BOOT.

attached is spr32d60.dll