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Title: Accessing Email on the Surveyor, Surveyor +, Mini, Mini 2, and Surveyor 2
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!!! Please Note: This information was obtained from Juniper Systems' (the hardware manufacturer) web page. This information is provided as a reference and does not imply that Carlson Software, nor Juniper Systems, will provide support for the use of any specific third-party software or service with a Juniper Systems product.

Please see the following Knowledge Base articles for an alternative method of sharing data with your office and other data collectors:

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Gmail and/or other online email services can be accessed on our rugged handheld computer products by either setting them up in Microsoft Exchange Server than synchronizing the rugged handheld with the network (such as via Wifi), in Outlook on a desktop PC then synchronizing through Microsoft Windows Mobile Device Center (formerly ActiveSync), or directly in the E-Mail mobile client on the rugged handheld itself. A compatible web browser can also be installed and used to access the email service's web client, but this may not work as well. Some general instructions are provided at the following web page:
Set up email on Windows Mobile

Installing the latest OS release to enable SHA-2 support may also help for synchronizing to services such as Microsoft Office 365. Contact if needing SHA-2 support on the Mini 2. 
Gmail security policies have changed to no longer allow direct access to the IMAP 4 (, POP (, or SMTP ( services without additional steps. The most basic additional step to allow Gmail access on the rugged handheld is to setup and use an "App password" through the following web page:
Gmail App passwords

Otherwise, you would need to disable the additional security in Gmail such as 2-Step Verification or just enable "Less Secure Apps" through this web page:
Gmail Less Secure Apps